To be considered among one of ‘them’

In My Shoes

The journey to self-discovery for me began with asking myself various questions. Being among the majority of people who  enter  in Australia through the humanitarian ‘refugee’  program. As a refugee, we are associated with negative attitudes within the mainstream Australian community. There  prejudice towards refugees often basis of realistic threat theory and symbolic threat theory(Stephan & Stephan, 1996).

In spite the fact that limited studies is done on ‘life of refugees’, unlimited amount of evidences are presented  in all form of media proves racism views, comment and the little knowledge of the general public. There are a lot of assumption about all individuals who are refugees. Due this, many refugees might have endured similar experiences. Which are; racial comment, been called names and the list goes on. Study shows, all refugees from war-torn countries might suffer from post-trauma event in their counties. Well, some arguably contain some truth; however, is not entirely true.  This stereotype worries me  and a lot of people with the refugee ‘status’ and the outcome is threatening. Many  fears that over time; refugees will live in isolation, face rejection, denied basic right such as employment and participation. It’s already happening in our society however, change can be made.

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9 thoughts on “To be considered among one of ‘them’

  1. Wow… Spot on my dear. Stereotypes exist and they have been there just to kill one’s dream of just leaving in peace and for many, this could be war, or persecution etc. if only mainstream Australia really understand….and I tell you what, racism exists and I cannot deny it because I have faced it so many times… You’d think that overcome things get better snd people change, but that is far from reality…this however does not mean that there are not a lot of lovely people out there… Of course there is and I have been blessed to have met a number of them abs form very strong bonds with….. I love Australia

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    1. @chicstycheck…. only fewer understands the history of human movement on this planet. I love Australians and i call myself one. I have received nothing but love from my fellow Australians. I think as human in general we need to improve our knowledge in order to acknowledge the past and the current event causing movement of people across the world.

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