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From Plain Look to Playful Look!!

DIY project

After watching many Do It Yourself (DIY) Youtube videos. I was  inspired with distressing denim jeans. So, I went to a nearby Vinnies store and purchase this plain denim jean  jacket.

img_2421Without any cost additional costs,  I found a very flexible pair of scissors, a pen and a tweezer in my house. These simple accessory can easily be found around the house. In this process,  a pen is used to mark the territories on the jacket where you want to distress using the tweezer.


MOST IMPORTANT: draw horizontal lines ONLY. That will enable a nice  flow OF WHITE fibres left on the denim. Also, remove blue fibres only, as shown in the picture above  and work your way across the other  end. Repeat that throughout all  marked territories on your denim. What worked for me was to start removing  the fibres in middle. When  you’ve achieved your desired look up to your satisfaction, put the jacket in the washing machine on  a regular wash.

It’s  that simple.


That is how to achieve a playful and cost less look on your own without ever paying  an additional dollars for it ! Get your own quality jacket without buying it at a name brand store.


This method can also be used for shorts, jeans and any other denim you have that you’d like to give a new look to !


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