Awesome, fun events that are happening near by you.  Every year, thousands of event, workshops and music festivals take place in Sydney. I can personally say that I only attend a few that are closer to heart, educational,fun and music orientated because I love music and and like having a good time. The list below represent a few events happening this month(10/2016):

AAMMA 2016 

8/10/2016. Afro-Australia Music and Movie Award is an event that take place once every  two years and attended  by  thousands of people from all over the the world. The night at AAMMA does not only represent African Australia talents however it also international guest, great performances and an amazing after party.


13/10/2016 FINDING YOU PASSION workshop at CYALA Sydney Tribe.

Once again, Council for Young African Living Abroad is offering one of their many continuance seminar; aiming to educated and promoting awareness for African development to young Africans living out of the African continate. At CYALAs’ workshop, there is a guarantee of finding like minded young people and networking opportunity. With many of their ‘tribes’, across Australia and abroad there is a lot on the table for everyone.



15/10/2016 Sounds of Afro_beats Festival

From AfroBeats, Tribal House, Afro Fusion, Soukous, Lingala, Rumba, Latin House , Soca, Afro-Latin , Afro House,  Tropical House, Afro Jazz to Dancehall and more.  Sound of Afro-beats Festival is one of the largest yearly event CURRENTLY giving African diversity a whole new meaning.


22-23/ 10/2016 BLACK (Bold Leadership Awareness Cultural Knowledge )

This workshop will offer themes on the history of the descendants of blackbirding, Pacific diversity and broader community commonality. Organised by Australian South Sea Islanders Port Jackson, this workshop aimed to raise awareness of Australian South Sea Islander history. Register:  to attend the BLACK work shop



Afro_Events Sydney






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