Perth the ‘Sunset Capital of Australia’

The 10th of January 2017, Sydney reached  40 degrees and that reminded me of my time spent in Perth Western Australia (WA). Reasons being at 7:30 I felt the heat and by 9:30 the heat was almost unbearable. In short, that how I felt throughout 10 days of summer in Perth. Well, the city experienced some rainy afternoons but that usually indicates the next day will be ‘hot’.

This was my second time visiting WA and it was different because I experienced the first 10 days of summer there. Summer in Australia commences in  December and ends in February. Although, the hottest months are usually January and February; throughout summer cities experiences warm, humid, extremely hot, stinking hot weather, bushfires, heat with a nice breeze in the afternoon, some rain and so forth.

Overall,  ten days of Summer in Perth (WA) did offer an amazingly unique experience, covered with varieties of amazing destinations such as the view of the city Kings Park, catching an amazing sunset at Shoalwater Beach or enjoying a cold drink at Northbridge Brewing Co in the middle of the city. Perth is truly the  ‘the Sunset capital city of Australia’s and I  did experience that. However, the sea breeze so-called ‘Fremantle’ Port was my best friend and surely provided some relief from those hot days.

Here are some pictures captured from my mobile phone:


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