Day Trip to Canberra

I personally enjoy going for short trips to a destination with slight knowledge about the people and the environment. I think these is for the purpose of exploring, enjoyment, adventure, and discovery. It takes away all the boringness that comes with planning a trip and also eliminates judgemental perception about the people and the environment.


In that spirit, my girl and I drove to Canberra. Because it was Wednesday, we experienced lighter traffic from Sydney to Canberra and the same from Canberra to Sydney that evening. I have been to Canberra for educational purposes before but this time we were there for the purpose of exploring, visiting places of interest to us. The day began with breakfast at the Cupping Room. Then we went to Canberra central Westfield for some accessories. Walking back to the car park we spotted these amazing street art graffiti which Dani admired and as a good friend started posing for photos’.


We are pretty much running on budget with all our expenses aligned, eg car park; which was a bit unusual for us. To keep running on a budget meant we had to continue looking for costless places to visit. Lunch/ brunch at Red Hill. The lookout from Red Hill offered an amazing view of Canberra.


From there, we went to Patissez the ‘birth original shakes ideas’ for milkshakes; which gave us some energy ready for Westside that evening. We chilled at the Westside, enjoyed a soccer game with some friends and dinner.


Throughout our day in Canberra, Dani keeps mentioning how the quietness reminded her of her hometown back in the US. In conclusion, Canberra was costless, the people looked healthy, polite, fitness-oriented individuals, sporty and enjoys an active lifestyle.







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