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Get To Know Me Tag

Hello, lovely people.  “Get To Know Me Tag” is extremely popular on YouTube as it allows viewers know the individual they are subscribed to better.  So why not give the Get to know me tag a go! The tag normally contains  25+ questions but I shorten it down and answered only  25 question so I can give some explanations instead of one-word. answer that

Check out the 25 Get to know me Questions below.

Get to Know Me Tag Questions:

  1. name?

  2. Biggest dream?

  3. What place do you consider home?

  4. What are most grateful for?

  5. One thing you need to stop doing?

  6. one thing you need to start doing?

  7. How do you feel today?

  8. Life story in 5 sentences?

  9. Is fame important?

  10. How do you like to be described?

  11. Favourite song?

  12. Last important decision?

  13. Favourite place to be?

  14. A person you admire?

  15. Best compliment you’ve ever received?

  16. What is your favourite book?

  17. Favourite book character?

  18.  3 places you like to travel to in the future?

  19. 3 favourite TV shows

  20. What do you want to learn?

  21. One good thing from today?

  22. What makes you laugh?

  23. Priorities?

  24. Your ideal morning routines?

  25. A moment you alway remember?

Check out this awesome ” Get to know me tag” video!!! Hopefully, you learned something new about me.


Thank you for watching and be sure to like and comment !!!!


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