According to  Beyondblue “anxiety is more than just feeling stressed or worried”. Anxiety is defined apprehensive uneasiness or nervousness usually over an impending or anticipated“. Anyone experience anxious feeling from time to time and the feeling are not easy to control. This feeling is common and relates to a university student, people working in an environment where there is no progress, relationship or life is just not moving forward according to plan. The feeling comes and goes. Like most people along my journey, I have encounter nausea; irritated; unwanted; and racial thoughts. Just short lasting thoughts that do not take an overwhelming control over my life but still impact my social life. 

The reason why I am sharing this quote today is because I personally believe in the power of sharing and the power of living life with positive and meaningful purpose. Getting rid of the unwanted butterflies in the stomach. Also, is what I tell myself every day: “E_SEEDS live life to pursue things you really love and you will eventual end up where you really want to be”.


Stay positive

motivate yourself

stay connected



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