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Journey to create better content #Cambodia

From 13/05

Let talk about Cambodia. I will be spending one month in this green beautiful land The Kingdom of Cambodia. I am not here on vacation or voyage. But rather on a personal development adventure and educational: here to learn about the Cambodian culture both rural areas and in cities;  to learn about development in Cambodia and the list goes on. On a personal note: a trip to Cambodia is my first ever trip out of Australia and I hope this will become my new costumes. Living transcultural and transnationally has its direct and indirect effect but the real courage is to adapt or integrate anywhere. To my experience, it’s even harder to culturally integrate.
Being in a new culture is not new to me. As exciting my immersion ‘travel’ here in The Kindom of Cambodia sounds, I know the word culture is extremely problematic define; however, I hope I will have a better understanding of customs, art, cuisine, music and pattern of social behaviours shared across Cambodia.

Looking forward more regularly posting
#life in Cambodia


#life experience

I am trying my best to create an efficient link between all my social media platforms so I can share my ‘first ever’ personal account or experience travelling or immersing in a new culture.


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