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From old to New

Hello, lovely people, I hope you are all doing well.

Cloth Recycling

Have been experimenting different ways to wear my old cloth and turning them into stylish pieces for sometimes now. You know you have clothes that just hang in your closet unworn for months or even years just occupying space.  Some that just do not look stylish enough or do not even fit you anymore. Well, why buy new clothes when you have the whole closet of clothes you can actually recycle. There are minimum inexpensive to recycle cloth. With equipment such as a pair of scissors and hand sewing equipment as a starter can help you achieve just that. The most basic one is an example in the video below. Turning old pants into a top:

What you need:

  1. old pants (preferably cotton material or softer material);
  2. scissors  and;
  3. measuring tape (optional)

please watch the video



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