The”Blame game.”

Hello, I have had the hardest few months. Nothing seems to work out the way I want or planned. However, for ” social media therapeutic remedy” purposes and “blame game”, I thought I would share some external attributes to why I have had an awful month. I long to the days  where in time like this I will not look back and say is because I am:

  1. Overreacted on everything,
  2.  Nothing exciting is happening;
  3. I am cashless;
  4. Irresponsible;
  5. leave things to the last minute;
  6. No one understands me;
  7. I am nothing without them;
  8. No one ever wants me;
  9. He’s the answer to my problems;
  10. I will never excel……

This external factors I believe is just a human reaction and the need to release the frustration. Depend on your situation this list can shift in whichever level of ‘blames’. Can you relate? The real problem is those who believe in this external factors are actually in real danger self-belittling. Sometimes it goes as far as finding causes in other. It’s because of him, or her, that why I am like this. I have been there and done that.  But what gives me courage is to know that nothing is inevitable.


Leave a comment down below if you can relate.

Stay positive!🌟

Stay connected 🌼

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