Hate being a number

Hi lovely, it’s been a while. I had an amazing few months which I have been collecting content and restructuring my life. More reasons why I brought this piece of a journal notes for you guys.

This post/journal is my not so direct piece of writing, a clear explanation of how my thoughts process through my head.  I can no longer hide it. Let talk; I have confusing thoughts in my head all the times. Some, I tieless speak to my self and make an attempt to bury its existence. Amazingly, whatever I do,  I always found myself no longer detained in my head.  Let share:

  • I hate being a number:
    I want to be the only one, not a number. Not just any other number but the one and only number. It confusing, yes I know. Sometimes I ask myself if; I am to go back to my old life. Where I mattered. My name and last name were the only forms of identification. Where felt acknowledged. But if I wasn’t a number what would’ve happened. I know there is unexpected difficulty be faced about contemplation. I hate being a number. It downgrades my individuality.
    I hate being a number but I am the only one trying to be Number one?.



Can you relate?




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