According to  Beyondblue "anxiety is more than just feeling stressed or worried". Anxiety is defined apprehensive uneasiness or nervousness usually over an impending or anticipated". Anyone experience anxious feeling from time to time and the feeling are not easy to control. This feeling is common and relates to a university student, people working in an environment where there …



I am alienating myself?

Also consider this: If we share common and distinctive language, what does it mean? 💙 💙 🔽 #willing#refoule#race#ethnicity#representative#culture#sisterhood#243#class#belonging#wealth#ancestral#heritage#tradition#💙💙#naturelovers#links#friend#

Day Trip to Canberra

I personally enjoy going for short trips to a destination with slight knowledge about the people and the environment. I think these is for the purpose of exploring, enjoyment, adventure, and discovery. It takes away all the boringness that comes with planning a trip and also eliminates judgemental perception about the people and the environment. In that …

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Ways To Style Denim

Spring Denim Treads. According to history Demin Jean has existed since 1873 even early than that and worn for different content. I personally love a pair of good denim Jean and I tend to have a collection in different styles. Simply because I can wear it throughout three seasons in a year (Autumn, winter, and Spring) and I style for semi-formal and casual. Also, denim can be easily washed and has the softest fabrications.