Hate being a number

Hi lovely, it's been a while. I had an amazing few months which I have been collecting content and restructuring my life. More reasons why I brought this piece of a journal notes for you guys. This post/journal is my not so direct piece of writing, a clear explanation of how my thoughts process through …

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The”Blame game.”

Hello, I have had the hardest few months. Nothing seems to work out the way I want or planned. However, for " social media therapeutic remedy" purposes and "blame game", I thought I would share some external attributes to why I have had an awful month. I long to the days  where in time like …

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According to  Beyondblue "anxiety is more than just feeling stressed or worried". Anxiety is defined apprehensive uneasiness or nervousness usually over an impending or anticipated". Anyone experience anxious feeling from time to time and the feeling are not easy to control. This feeling is common and relates to a university student, people working in an environment where there …